What our clients are saying...

The back-end reservation system is by far the most important software that a tour operator has – it can make the most mundane tasks exhausting or make them disappear. Tourcube with Steven Erts at its helm is the latter. Their system is not only intuitive but it’s flexible as is Steve’s team. I can attest that in all my years in travel, I have not had the opportunity to work with a better system or team. Tourcube has made MT Sobek better able to service our guests while lessening the workload for the internal team, and enabling us to continue to innovate.
— Kimberly Daley - President & CEO, MT Sobek
Tourcube has been an incredibly positive experience for our business, from set-up to training and implementation. Tourcube made what seemed incredibly daunting at first very manageable, by expertly breaking down the steps to incorporate our product and processes into Tourcube. They’ve been very responsive to our requests and suggestions for new functionality in the system that can benefit tour operators, and the support and training these first few months of implementation has been exceptional. This is going to be a great tool to help us grow our business faster and manage it more efficiently, and one I would highly recommend.
— Joe Sandillo, Founder - Almaz Journeys
National Parks Revealed began using Tourcube’s Tour Operator software system in Spring, 2014. We were Tourcube’s first client that operates private custom FIT vacations versus operators with standardized group trips and scheduled departures. Thus, we quickly became Tourcube’s most challenging and demanding client. After almost two years, I could never have envisioned we would be so thrilled with Tourcube. The system has exceeded our expectations; it is a brilliantly conceived platform and has proven to be absolutely ideal for us as an FIT inbound operator. Steve and Bruce Erts, founders and owners of Tourcube, are a delight to work with and they have allowed us to help them to ‘co-evolve’ Tourcube’s highly scalable architecture. The team at Tourcube’s turnaround on designing and implementing improvements that either they or our team think of has been extraordinary. In short, the product quality and flexibility of the system and the personalized service we receive from Tourcube is 5-star.
— Mark Campbell, CEO & President - National Parks Revealed.
When looking for a tour management software and CRM system for the complex and unique needs of our business, we shopped around the big names in the industry we all know. When we came across Tourcube we found a group with all of their capabilities, plus the agility and service to understand our needs and create customized solutions to meet them. The more I speak with our industry peers, it becomes clear that all companies feel as though they have unique, hard-to-solve issues that out-of-the-box management software never fully addresses. For a year now, Tourcube has worked with us to help our business become more accountable, better develop and nurture leads, smoothly manage operations and grow in ways that will let us stay on top of our competition. Tourcube traveled across the country to spend a week in our office and their staff know us all by name; they know the needs of our business even better.
— Andrew Chmura, Owner & Founder - Grand Slam Tennis Tours
The new website is fed information from the content management system (CMS) component of Boundless Journeys’ new customer relationship management (CRM), tour reservations, and operations database provided by Tourcube (www.tourcube.net). With Tourcube, it’s easy to push and update website content and integrate information from online forms. “Having all of our systems working together is integral to running more efficiently, and it’s much easier to keep track of information without duplicating it in multiple places. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with Tourcube through this process.
— Matt Holmes, Owner & Founder - Boundless Journeys